Laval region, Quebec

Counties and Places information in Laval
Laval, Quebec
Belong to Quebec
County number 1

Main Counties in Laval

Name HASC Region
Laval CA.QC.LV Laval

Places in Laval

Name FSA
Fabreville H7P, H7R
Laval H7A, H7B, H7C, H7E, H7G, H7H, H7J, H7K, H7L, H7M, H7N, H7P, H7R, H7S, H7T, H7V, H7W, H7X, H7Y
Laval-Ouest H7R
Sainte-Dorothée H7X
Sainte-Rose H7L
Vimont H7K, H7M
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